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What is Sexual Tantra

Tantra4GayMen offers you exercises and rituals that offer you the possibility to come into contact with yourself and with others in an intimate, sensual and sexual way. All exercises and rituals are offered, so it is not compulsory to take part in anything you feel uncomfortable with. It is your free choice. Tantra aims to show you techniques and practices to help you experience your orgasmic and blissful state. In Tantra it is believed that through this blissful state you can experience what it is to become enlightened. To feel like you have become one with everything around you. Our techniques and rituals build slowly and grow in intensity the further you progress through the course framework offered by Tantra4GayMen.

It is normal to feel excited and anxious and sometimes even terrified as the course intensity grows. We will show you new ways to experience your sexuality. New ways to share with other like-minded men. New ways to explore your ecstatic self. New ways to heal, develop and grow through your sexual energy and your sexuality. We will actively celebrate what it is to feel sexual and spiritual leading you towards the ultimate union with yourself and others. We will teach you techniques to truly connect with others in the most profound and deepest levels of intimacy that you may never have experienced before.

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