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Everyday Tantra

What is practised at Tantra4GayMen courses and events can help by turning your everyday grey into amazing technicolor. By connecting to all of your energy and potential through different doing meditations, exercises and rituals in a spiritual and sexual way it can give you a new perspective. A new way to see your everyday life.

If you sometimes feel depressed, lonely, stressed or feel you are carrying a lead weight around with you; our tantric practice can give you a framework for everyday life. By regular practice of the exercises, meditations and rituals it can help to give you a new sense of optimism in your life. We understand we cannot say exactly how each person is, but these are comments made by fellow tantrics that practice on a regular basis.

Tantra can help to improve your self-confidence, self-esteem and your everyday outlook.

Imagine you are going to a supermarket and instead of feeling rushed, trying to get out as soon as possible, imagine a new possibility. Imagine seeing things with a new perspective, seeing the vibrant and rich fresh vegetables in all their amazing colours, smells, and glory and feeling the ecstasy in that moment. Or, imagine you are on a train journey and instead of wishing it would hurry up, you glance out the window and see the full beauty of nature. The greenness of the grass, the cows in the field and a feeling of total connection with everything around you.

Tantra aims to help you feel connected with everything and everyone around you and give you a richness and vitality in your everyday life.

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