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What is Bliss?

Video Transcript:

So one of the things I want to talk about this time is the notion of bliss. Now when we talk about bliss, for me that’s very different to ecstasy. Ecstasy for me is a very, very heightened state during sexual arousal, sexual interaction, Tantric practices will take you to very profound states of ecstasy. But bliss, for me is a slightly different vibration and bliss is the gateway into what I would call some enlightened states, some enlightened experiences. And if you ever choose to come and do some deep work with me you’re certainly going to have very active ways, exercises and Tantric practices that will open you to very very profound moments and states of bliss – that’s what happens.

The other thing though, bliss for me – there’s actually two ways of getting to bliss. Tantra, or Neo-Tantra which is what everyone is teaching in the west is very much about arousing, building up energy, big ecstatic orgasmic things and that’s all really beautiful and good and that’s one way. But there’s another way to bliss and this is some homework or practice that I’d like to offer you this time is about exploring finding bliss in silence. Now you might think ‘oh yes I can be quiet that’s no problem I can just switch off and I find being quiet no problem’. But I really want you to try it, and try it for at least an hour and maybe you’ve got a week or two where you can start to sit every day in silence for one hour. You may think ‘why would I want to do that’ but try it – after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes you’ll kind of notice your ego coming up and trying to distract you, getting involved, getting involved in thoughts and it’s constant chatter driving you crazy when you’re trying to do meditation. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried candle meditation and you can sit there staring at the candle and it’s just like the voice inside the ego just keeps churning and churning and churning. But if you stay with it, the ego does eventually, your mind does eventually learn to keep quiet and in that quiet, in the periods of nothing is just your awareness, your being aware of nothing and in that nothing is bliss.

Actually bliss is going on around us all the time it’s just we’re so busy with our egos and doing everything and tasks and running around and we’re so involved in our life that we miss the divine bliss vibration that is happening every single moment. For me in different spiritual practices, Tantra is one way of getting to understand bliss and basically it pushes through all of the doing so strongly, I always say Tantra is one of the fastest ways to enlightenment, it pushes through so quickly that you get to bliss but also you can find bliss in silence. So to do that, switch off your mobile phone, find somewhere that you can be quiet and get yourself comfortable. You need to be in an upright position with the base of your spine arched slightly and you need to be sat in an upright position so not lying down on the bed. So what you do is you just bring your attention back to your breath, you’re just focusing on your breath and you’re focusing on your body. All I want you to do with this is to just feel your body. What you’ll notice as time goes on is you’re looking for, or you’re looking to witness your experience of bliss in silence. It might take several times to achieve this or you might get it instantly, no two people are the same…but it’s about being able to sit in silence and to just be with your breath, listening to your body and looking for the experience of bliss.

I have to tell you that it is so, so profound and so so beautiful: I experience places that I don’t see around me in the every day world and it just gives me that sense of there is a truth out there, there is something more than the world I see. And I also notice it helps when I see myself and I see others so caught up in our egos it’s almost a comedy, it’s almost funny because there’s like a deeper sense of truth, a deeper sense of who we really are that comes through. One way is finding that in the silence. Give it a try if you’re brave enough, strong enough and you want to have a play with that, give it ago. And again leave me any feedback in the comments below, I do respond to each one that I get, I’d be fascinated to learn about your experiences.

Good luck with it, have a great week and I’ll see you again soon. Thank you again, bye bye.

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