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Unashamed Sex

Video Transcript:

Hello there. This time I want to talk to you about your unashamed sex life. one of the things I passionately believe in Tantra is if it’s happening in your sex, it’s happening in your life; and if it’s happening in your life it’s happening in your sex.

When I meet people and they’re kind of telling me about some struggles or some things that are going on, the first question I ever ask them, it’s a little bit confronting I appreciate that, the first question I ever ask is how is your sex life. And that just tells me so much about what’s going on for the person.

We have so many hang-ups about sex, we have so many judgments about it, we have so many judgments and conditionings about love about how we connect, who we should connect with, and we have so many judgments about how people look, how they are, and this just kind of takes us down pathways of real suffering from real misery of being unhappy.

My top tip for you today, be unashamed in your sex, go and try everything that you’ve ever wanted to try, provided it’s legal I have to put that in, and it doesn’t hurt anybody. Go and try it go and do every single thing, experience yourself in so many ways that are possible, that you can’t barely think of anymore, before you’ve experienced them go and do it or everything go and do everything go and have every experience of everything.

The reason I say this is, well, there are two reasons. One is if you’re unashamed in your sex then you’re going to be unashamed in your life and you’re going to be unashamed of who you are. How many times has shame in our life frozen us, how many times have we been scared, how many times have we worried about what other people think and judge us. You have to think as a spiritual pathway, it’s about coming down to the essence of your truth and unashamedly in your truth being every part of who you are.

For me sex is a metaphor for life, so an easy way is to go and do everything you’ve ever dreamed about in your sex life unashamedly, go and do it, go and find your freedom in your sex safely, find it safely in your sex, do everything that you could possibly dream of, because I promise you the more you confront the frontiers of what you’re scared of or what you find shameful or what you have judgments, the more that you break through those the more liberated that you are, the more freer that you are, and when you’re freer you kind of want to know more about life, you kind of want to know more about what’s out there.

And this brings me on to my second point, the reason why I would invite you about unashamed sex is when I talk to like new agey people all the spiritual stuff I talk about new agey things everybody’s talking about the universe god this ascended being and these powers that are out there look what religion did for us for 2,000 years look at what Christianity God is we couldn’t even say his name without being unashamed and so we’ve kind of given away this power to a god to something that we can’t see.

Let me give you some ideas that I’ve come to. You are God, I am God, everything is God, and we are the universe. It’s not just a pile of dust clouds out there, it’s not just a pile of stars and hydrogen things, we are the universe, we are God, and I believe the reason why we’re here – a seven billion plus souls on planet Earth I believe the reason why we’re here is for the universe to understand itself, a consciousness to understand itself at the density of energy, the density of vibration, here on planet Earth.

I believe that a lot of the problems that we face on our planet, we face on earth, climate change stuff, we experience challenges we have going on personally for us I believe is us as God as seven billion different individuals trying to work out the truth we’re trying to work it out where were kind of out there without a lifeline. You look at what’s happening in our climate, we’ve never experienced this before as human beings and we are seven billion different versions of the universe each with a beautifully unique DNA, with a beautifully unique character, with a beautifully unique ego.

And yet another level of our beingness level we are absolutely all the same we are absolutely everything this stone here this tree behind me my bicycle there
is something that makes us all at one and so for me if I’m one version of seven billions of something that’s trying to figure out the truth the things that are going to hold me back from the truth is shame is guilt is judgments and so this is why I encourage you today about our unashamed sex talk to your partner about the things that you’ve always wanted to do and you don’t know how to do them make yourself a bucket list of all the things sexually you’ve wanted to experience and go and tick them off one by one liberate yourself find your freedom find and become your truth.

Just some ideas today about unashamed sex go do it let me know how you get on. Take care, lots of love, bye bye.

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