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What do I need to bring or do for this?

You need to bring a commitment to learning Tantra as a personal development journey for yourself, meaning that you have completed or booked at least 1 module of our “Diploma in Tantra” programme. It’s from that personal experience that you’ll be able to be a good guide for those men that attend your groups.

The $750 / £550 for your Induction Training, and after that (when actually running your groups), £125 / $175 as a monthly fee to provide you with the ongoing services. Remember that you are free to charge what admission you like to your event, and all those monies go to you (minus 12.5% VAT in the UK). Which means that, after costs, you are very likely to walk out with a financial benefit.

You need to provide the materials needed for the sessions (i.e. massage oil bottles, blindfolds, mats etc.). During the Induction Training, we will explain exactly what you need, and it will be quite easy for you to procure these materials.

You will need to co-promote your event within your local community. This means finding places (both in-person and online) to advertise and promote your event. That could be flyers in your bars / bathhouse, local LGBTQI+ radio interview, local Facebook and other online groups. We will (on your behalf) advertise to the local meet-up group, social media, and all the contacts in your area that we have in our 10,000+ men database.

You need to have the space and time both mentally and physically to take on this project. You should allow some extra time in the initial induction training. On a month-to-month basis you should allow time to hold your session, about 2 hours to prepare for that and attending a monthly 2hr coaching call.

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