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How do I cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your subscription you need to login into the subscription service: – with the email address and password you created when you signed up and created your subscription. Once you cancel your subscription it will no longer take any monthly payment and your access to the TantraLove Academy will be removed. We cannot offer any partial refunds for parts of a month’s subscription. When you cancel your subscription it means that you will no longer be billed.

Just before you choose to cancel your membership I would also ask you to consider a couple of things. If you enjoy using the App, the TantraLove Academy finances the app. When Covid-19 happened all of our income was turned off overnight as we have been an Events based Organisation. Right now we have no idea when we can run our In Person Events again and so in the interim, your subscription contributes to the App. The App costs us circa $50k per annum and it is free for use, but with the extra Live workshops being offered in the TantraLove Academy and asking for a subscription. This subscription fee is financing the App, and if you felt able to, and that you want to support the continuation of the App, even though you may not use the Academy, you might choose to support the wider App with your subscription.

This is only a request and equally I appreciate many of us are also financially constrained right now, but, if you were and felt able I would be deeply grateful.
You are free to continue to use all other free areas of the Tantra4GayMen App as before and you are welcome to re-join the TantraLove Academy at any time.

I can’t afford the TantraLove Academy anymore
The monthly subscription to the academy is $25 per month. This gives those members access to 100+ live workshops every month and that money helps to sustain and pay for the app, as well as the administration to arrange those workshops. For some people $25 per month is easy, and we welcome those contributions. For some $25 is unthinkable and unaffordable and for those persons we want to make sure that the academy and all those workshops are still accessible to them. So we operate a NOTAFLOF (no one turned away for lack of funds) policy to support this. If you are finding that $25 a month is too much for you to afford, please email me ( what could work for you (even $0 is ok to) and I will give you a promo code to give you that discount.

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