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How are the modules and training structured?

The Tantra Coach Training consists of 6 modules. 3 modules taught by Jason and Ingo Tantra which is your personal journey of Tantra, called our Diploma in Tantra. This is a most profound and ecstatic life changing journey of neo-Tantra. This is your personal journey with Tantra. We believe you can only truly hold space for others when you have been through the experience yourself.

The other 3 modules are taught by Jason Tantra and Finn Deerhart which is a Tantra Coach training. These focus on your ability to hold space for others and have been specifically designed as a training for you to hold space for others. To be in service to others. The training is structured around learning techniques and practices, and holding space for others and receiving valuable feedback to help you grow.

As a whole, this combined, multi-discipline training will offer you valuable insights about your personal journey into Tantra and will up level or start your ability to serve as you hold spaces of profound depth for yourself and others.

The Diploma in Tantra comprises of 3 modules which you can do in any order. These weeks long residential trainings take place twice yearly in July in Glastonbury, UK, in Upstate New York, USA each June, and in Joshua Tree, CA USA each April.

The Tantra Coach Training comprises of 3 modules again which you can do in any order. These weeks long residential trainings take place each year in Joshua Tree, CA each October.

To complete the Tantra Coach training you need to complete all 6 modules. The 3 Diploma in Tantra and the 3 Tantra Coach training. Upon completion of all 6 modules you will be awarded our Tantra Coach certificate. Upon completion of the 3 modules of the Diploma in addition you will be awarded our Diploma in Tantra certificate.

We recommend that as a maximum you do both one Tantra Coach training module per year and one Diploma in Tantra module per year. We recommend that you allow yourself the space to do this as a 3-year journey. If you try to do it faster than you may not fully benefit from the spaces in between to let the integration into your day to day life.

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