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Tantra is Hard Work

Video Transcript:

Sometimes Tantra is hard work. Sometimes if you’re in a week long process and you’re really deep into Tantric practice that’s being held by a facilitator; sometime’s it’s just damn bloody hard work. I remember in my own Tantra training there were days where I felt like I was crawling through treacle and just really confronted with every problem I could possibly have and there were times I didn’t feel I was strong enough to carry on – I didn’t feel I was strong enough to get through. I just felt I wanted to run away.

But there’s truth that sits underneath that, the thing is it’s not Tantra that’s difficult, Tantra is the fastest pathway to enlightenment, if you ever come and do some training with me I promise you – I can even give you a money back guarantee – that you will be confronted with the most beautiful and blissful aspect of yourself, but you’ll also be confronted with the aspects of ourself that you’re trying to run away from, the things you haven’t dealt with, the parts that you haven’t come to terms with yet. The parts of you that feel shameful, the parts of you that feel guilty, the parts of you that feel wrong. I promise these will come hurtling to you at 100-200 miles per hour. The thing is I invited people onto the Tantric journey as a serious pathway of personal and spiritual development.

I actually believe that Tantra is so profound because it’s done in the body and you do exercises and practices and techniques, with other people, live. I think talking therapies are very good to start getting the ball rolling in coming to terms with yourself, but the thing I absolutely love about Tantra is that it’s about unashamedly doing those exercises in the here and now and that your experience that you come up with is confronted with you in the here and now. So sometimes all of that makes Tantra bloody hard work, but then you didn’t come to Tantra to have an easy time and you didn’t come to Tantra just to have better orgasms or better sex. You can read that stuff online, you can buy DVDs. For me, Tantra is an invitation to become much deeper with yourself, much more truthful with yourself and to really deeply and profoundly understand yourself and that’s why it’s bloody hard work because actually you’re facing yourself in ways that you probably never have in your whole life. And in facing yourself is a deeper understanding of truth. I promise you it will be incredibly difficult but I also promise you it will give you some of the most profound and ecstatic experiences of your whole life. And all you need to bring to the table is a willingness and an openness to go into it – whatever that’s thrown at you that you’re going to hit it straight on and you’re going to be with every single thing that comes up because I promise you you’re going to feel expanded, much broader, much more confident, more alive and more awake and it will give you such a better experience of life than you can probably comprehend or understand as you’re watching this.

So sometimes Tantra is bloody hard work but the prize is everything and this is my invitation to come and join me, come and learn more about Tantra.

Until next time, take care, thank you, bye bye.

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