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Welcome to the enlightening world of the Tantra4GayMen podcast, brought to you by your hosts, Jason and Ingo Tantra. As real-life spouses and partners for nearly two decades, they’ve intertwined their marriage with the creation of Tantra4GayMen.

This UK & USA based Tantra School is devoted to the spiritual exploration, consciousness expansion, and awakening through the practice of Tantra, specifically tailored for men who love men.

While everyone is welcome to tune in, the primary audience is the GBTQ community. Throughout these podcasts, Jason and Ingo will share insights and discuss spiritual topics related to Tantra, while also addressing everyday challenges we all encounter and how Tantra can illuminate a path to heightened joy, love, and personal freedom.

We warmly welcome you to the Tantra4GayMen Podcast with your hosts, Love Jason and Ingo Tantra.

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