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Fantasy Play

Afternoon Event

Event Info:

  • Event: Tantra, Touch & Intimacy – Afternoon
  • Date: Saturday, 22 October 2022, from 11:00pm to 2:30pm
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Price: $45 (USD)
  • Covid Protocol: Fully vaccinated or with a negative test.

QUESTIONS? Please email Brent.

Experience intimacy, touch, and Tantra with other men

Tantra, Touch, and Intimacy events are 3 hours of exploring Tantra, conscious touch, loving intimacy, and exotic sensual pleasures in a group setting with other men. You’re lovingly invited to this special Tantra experience.

You’ll be gently guided on an extended exploration of Tantra. This event is ideal if you want to connect with other men in a loving and sensual way that’s more intimate than the way typically men meet.

The content and practices are different at each event, so you’ll never have the same class twice. The focus is on building a foundation of intimacy, connection, love, sensuality, acceptance, and openness that is spiritual and which interweaves (at times) with sexual energy. These events are a peaceful and welcoming way to learn more about yourself and the basics of Tantra.


  • Exploring touch and intimacy in a guided programme of Tantra
  • A different event each time you attend – we have 24 different themes
  • Discover many aspects of Tantra in an easy-to-access way
  • A friendly and welcoming space, and a trained facilitator to help ease any nerves
  • A perfect introduction to Tantra where you can participate as little or as much as you’d like


  • Perfect for newbies as well as experienced Tantrics
  • Connect with other local men in a sensual and loving environment
  • Discover and learn about Tantra in an easily accessible way
  • Make new friends and join a new local community
  • An experience that speaks to your Body and Soul – you’ll feel great!


When you arrive you’ll have a chance to meet everyone else that is attending the event. You’ll be shown where to leave bags and coats. There maybe some refreshments available for you.

When everyone has arrived I will bring everyone together to welcome you and to introduce the evening. I will talk about safety, and about how to navigate your way through the evening. You might be asked to give a short introduction like your name and how you are feeling.

Then it’s likely you will be guided to start moving around the room, meeting others with eye gazing, and like sensual touch. You’ll still be clothed at this point and everything is done slowly to help you slowly relax and settle into the evening.

As the evening progresses, it’s likely to be some form of undressing ritual, sensual and loving touch that feels delightful and arousing. There will be different massage techniques to learn, new ways of giving and receiving pleasure and different Tantric Rituals and technique practices. All of these are designed to help you discover new potentials in terms of arousal, of an awakened body state called the Ecstatic Body, and to help you feel more free, more relaxed, more alive and more connected to other men.

The event has a foundation of sensuality, love and open heart connections with other men that opens into an intimacy between you. The programme changes each time it is held and so has varying amounts of practices where you are invited to bring your sexual energy.

You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like. Your boundaries are always respected. Your Yes’s No’s and consent are of paramount importance so that you feel safe and also have a spirit of adventure to try new things.

This event is for you if you are interested to experience intimacy, closeness, sensuality and love with other men that at times invites your sexual energy to be present with that foundation of connection established. This event is not for you if your primary focus is sexual connections with other men.

Ever been sharing groups where they do the same thing every month.

The beauty of these events is that there are 24 different themes so that each time you attend the theme, the practice will all be different. They are all giving you a introductory experience of Tantra touching lightly on different themes.

Sharing these practices and exercises with a local group of men builds an intimate container of love, acceptance and joy. Men leave these events feeling lifted, happy and something that touches their hearts.

This event is open for all men who love men. And each group is varied in who attends. There is a mixture of ages, ethnicities and on occasions different genders. Some men identify as gay, bi-sexual, straight, non-binary, or trans. We have men attending in their 20’s and men attending in their 70’s and every man in other age brackets too.

When I have looked at the men who attend, they are as varied in all ways. This is part of the beauty of these events. Love does not know any bias or discrimination. We help and encourage you to share and take part as you feel comfortable, in each moment. It might be that your surprised of new possibilities and have interactions with men you would not typically.

Men come who are curious about Tantra, curious about exploring different ways of connecting with men than they would in the outside world. So if you a Yes, feel an appetite, a curiosity after reading this, then this is the thing for you to try out.

Men attend this event because they want to develop more intimacy, connection, sensuality with other men. They feel they want more connection with other men. They want to experience sensuality, love, intimacy and connection that sometimes incorporates their sexual energy to.

Often men in their 30’s and 40’s have a “is this all there is to my life” and start to look outside the mainstream for other ways of benign and connecting with life. Tantra as a spiritual pathway of unconditional Love brings you into contact with other men in ways that you might not normally do. This in itself is an “awakening”, because it is a part of you that wants more than life, that is waking up to new possibilities.

Some men (including me) sometimes find it difficult to find intimacy with other men. We all have backgrounds and for some of us that can include traumatic experiences. This can be a great place to slowly learn how to build trust, how to build intimacy with other men. You can learn how to discover your Yes and your No, your boundaries and consent. And in this journey the possibility of finding an even greater freedom as you open, accept and be with the world, Tantra is a great metaphor, a great playground to try things out. To let a new you emerge that is more liberated, more free from the past, more open, more loving and a deeper sense of joy in life.

The spirituality of Tantra is about being an embodied practice that brings together the sexual and the spiritual. That your sexual energy is spiritual in that it is a very powerful life force. Once we choose to be more aware, more conscious of that and in our use of this energy it can support you in a spiritual journey of awakening to the truth of whom you really are.

Bring a sense of adventure, a curiosity to try things out where you may not always know where it might lead. Equally, bringing a promise of not doing anything you do not want to do and feeling comfortable to express your Yes and your No’s.

Also bring a flat bedsheet, a towel and drinking water. We provide everything else you will need for your event. Have a great time.